About GLSTF 2024

Global Legal & Sustainable Timber Forum (GLSTF) 2024

GLSTF aims to increase networking, collaboration and business exchange among stakeholders including timber producers, buyers, the processing industry and market players, nationally and internationally, with a view to promoting sustainable forest management, building legal and sustainable forest products supply chains, facilitating the legal and sustainable use and trade of timber and wood products within a stable, transparent and predictable business environment, and contributing to sustainable development and climate change mitigation.

Together Towards Reliable and Effective Global Timber Supply Chains
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GLSTF 2024

Specialized Sub-forum

Specialized sub-forums are organized by partner agencies to contribute to the theme of the main forum. The selected topics include: timber legality and sustainability; sustainable timber resources, markets and trade; advanced technology and machinery for timber processing; green finance and innovative facilitating measures for green supply chains.

Reasons to Participate

High Level

The participation of forestry ministers, leading timber companies’ representatives, and renowned international organizations’ representatives from various countries ensures the Forum's high level and substantive content.

Diverse Activities

GLSTF 2023 includes the main forum and four specialized sub-forums. In addition, there will be legal & sustainable timber industry display, closed-door government-industry meetings, B2B matchings, seminar on the women power of the timber industry, and several other side events.

Significant Outputs

Multiple international cooperation achievements will be released for the first time, unlocking the potential for the sustainable development of global timber industry.

Highly Selected Topics

A wide range of significant and hot topics will be involved, such as climate change, utilization of timber resources, international timber market, timber trade situations, forest carbon sequestration, advanced technology and machinery, green finance, international cooperation, etc.

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